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Your brand is so much more than just your logo.

It relates to your name, reputation, and appearance, the associations that people have to you and the image they hold in their mind, and it is what differentiates you from your competition.

The key to good branding is consistency, and to achieve this clear and concise brand guidelines are essential. These guidelines define fonts, colours and styles to be used in all corporate communications, limitations for logo use, acceptable use of language and recommendations for working with different methods of communication.

We bring with us 30 years of experience of working with brands in a wide range of industry sectors, understanding that individual identity is sacred, and we know why some work and others don’t.

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Branding and Logo Design

At Jigsaw DPM, we offer both branding and logo design services. Whilst both are essential for any organisation, what do they both mean?

What is Branding

Branding is essential for all businesses, regardless of size or industry. It defines who you are and makes you stand out. It’s not just a logo or a sign above the door. Your brand is whatever it is your customers or prospects think about when they hear your name. Your products, yes. But also the emotions they relate to them – confidence in quality, sense of value, satisfaction with service, credibility, and so on.

This means that the brand isn’t just your logo. It’s influenced by all sorts of other things – the colours you use, how you write, the appearance of your employees, and so on. All of which go to distinguish you from your competitors and build the long-term relationship with your customers.

It is the job of marketing to position this branding in front of the right people at the right time using the right channels. Marketing drives sales; branding builds relationships.

So why choose an external agency to assist with your branding?  

You know your business better than anyone else, but we often find that business owners and employees are too willing to accept the status quo. Having a branding expert on hand to give a third party view on your company can really make the difference. An objective view from outside the organisation can reveal changes that have the potential to have a significant effect on the business.

But, contrary to popular belief, these changes don’t need to cost the earth. Successful brand strategies can be implemented through relatively small changes – building supplier relationships, developing customer relationships and encouraging promotion through word of mouth.

At Jigsaw DPM, we create professional branding strategies that are easy to implement and meet the needs of your business. 

We look at the visual aspects of your branding – colours and typography, the written word, design strategies and styles, communications strategies and customer relations. To find out more about how we can help, contact…

 Innovative Logo Creation from our Graphic Design Agency

What is a Logo

Your logo is the graphical identifier associated with your company and its products and services. It provides your customers with a means of instant recognition. For a known brand the logo communicates that brand’s services and values. For an unknown brand, the logo still needs to represent these brand values and help it stand out from the competition.

Logo design required thought and consideration. What image do you want to portray? Formality, trust, fun, youth – all things that can be represented simply by choosing the right font. Similarly, the colours used are significant. Colours such as light green or orange give off a vibrant and warm feeling, whereas blues and greys may give off a more serious and professional tone.

Colour intensity is also used to communicate feelings. For example, muted colours and pastels are commonly used by the health and beauty industry due to the implications of cleanliness and freshness.

Getting the right logo can reap rewards, so bringing in someone with expertise in the field is strongly recommended. At Jigsaw DPM we employ a straightforward and practical approach to logo design. 

Having gained an understanding of your business, we examine the different design factors to ensure that your brand is accurately represented through each element, and bring them together in a way that we believe to be the ideal logo for your organisation.

 You can find out more about our logo services on our logo creation page.


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