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In addition to designing and developing functional and good looking sites, we also offer an SEO service, to make sure that your site is able to be found in the search results.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and is the practise of moving your site up in the organic (non paid) search engine rankings above other sites.

At Jigsaw DPM, we employ a straightforward SEO strategy for each client.

Website Assessment

We complete initial site checks on you site to find out how it is viewed by search engines. We assess your descriptions, titles, robots.txt, URLs, ALT tags and content.

We will then optimise your site for your chosen keywords and phrases that you confirm during your initial sign up with us. We will also analyse your competitor’s sites to see how they perform in comparison for SEO.  We will detail the results of these checks within your first report.

As part of the campaign we shall review and amend your meta data, which is an essential part of any SEO Strategy. The page titles and meta descriptions are the two bodies of text that show up in Google’s search results, and getting them right is essential to both your ranking position and your click through rate.  We shall create and input optimised meta data into your site.

Submission and Link Building

Links are a big ranking factor, and getting the right links pointing to your site is essential to your SEO success. Getting this technique wrong can result in penalties for your site, which can take a lot of time, effort and resources to counteract.

We also manage your link profile carefully, looking out for any anomalies or harmful links that your site may acquire. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and updating to look out for any link schemes that try to manipulate the rankings, so it important to keep a close eye on the link profile of your site.

We only acquire high quality and relevant links for your site.

All of your SEO statistics throughout the campaign will be available to you via your control panel at all times.

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