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Jigsaw DPM offers you a cost effective, precise and fast solution to your bespoke email marketing campaign.

Whether you want to keep in touch with current or entice potential clientele, this approach is one of the leading methods at this current time, call us on 0114 2180626 to discuss your requirements.

Our eShot service not only simplifies the mailing process, it enables you to be more imaginative with the information and materials that you send to your customers.

Cost effective customer communication - instantly

We will design your mailings in accordance with your branding, send to your mailing list (or source a mailing list should you not already have one), and provide you with an up-to-date reports on how many people have received your campaign, how many have opened it, and how many have acted on it. We also comply with all spam guidelines and adhere to Data Protection Laws to ensure that we don't tarnish your reputation.

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Some example reports from the Jigsaw Mailing System:


Why Email Marketing?

Emails are one of the best ways to turn clicks in to pounds. Even if they remain unopened, regular email updates assist with brand awareness, which could lead to future conversions.

Here are some of the top reasons why email marketing works:


Due to their being no production or development costs involved, email marketing is great for working on a budget. The only real requirement to begin marketing via email is an email account.  Email is much cheaper than direct mail and can be much more useful to the recipient through calls to action and external links.

It’s Effective

Emails have become an essential part of working life for many people across the world.  Just a quick search about “Email Marketing Statistics” shows you just how much email is used across the world and how effective it is for marketing purposes.

Last year a study by Syndacast CEO Wolfgang Jaegel found that 95% of online consumers use email and 91% check their email accounts daily.

B2B service Salesforce’s 2015 marketing report found that the amount of marketers that claimed email marketing was an enabler of products and services increased from 42% in 2014, to 60% in 2015.


Email is one of the fastest platforms available ways to reach your audience.  Campaign responses generally take place less than two days after the email is sent. 

To effectively plan your email marketing strategy, it is worth looking at optimising the send time of your emails, to get the best response possible. Think of what time of day your target audience is likely to receive and read your email.  


With the correct software, you can measure open rates and conversions with accuracy. You can view how many open each email, and click on the external links. Once you have gathered this data, you can use it to optimise your emails accordingly.

Ease of Use

Almost anyone can set up a successful email campaign. All you need are an email address, the right contacts and the right content. You can also make your emails look professional easily through a variety of HTML templates available.

A well planned and carefully executed email strategy is required to avoid wasting money, and keep up conversion rates.

By optimising your emails, you have a much higher chance of them being opened.

Optimising your emails can range from making sure your title pulls people in, enticing them to open your message, to correct formatting, body copy and image optimisation, send time analysis and including calls to action.

It is also becoming increasingly important to optimise your emails for mobile devices. As developers and webmasters have realised the importance of having a responsive site, the same is true of emails. Over half of consumers now view emails on a mobile device.

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